Thirteen tablegrape varieties from the Sheehan Collection are currently being commercialised in Australia.

More varieties will be added as they become available.
By way of an exclusive licence with the California-based company Sheehan Genetics LLC, Sheehan Genetics Australia Pty Ltd (SGA) are the exclusive Australian commercialisers of the Sheehan Collection of tablegrape varieties. In Australia, SGA has licensed a selected group of leading table grape growers the right to grow vines, produce grapes and sell grapes of the Sheehan Collection varieties. The distinguishing characteristics of the Sheehan Collection varieties are based on the premise that all varieties have two key “customers” with differing requirements - excellent growing and marketing characteristics for growers and excellent eating quality for consumers.
Excellent growing characteristics
  • High yields
  • Spur or half-cane pruning
  • Naturally loose bunches - reducing the need for GA bunch sprays
  • Naturally large berry size - reducing the need for bunch trimming
  • Red and black varieties that colour naturally
  • Rain and disease tolerance - high capacity to “hang on the vine” without degradation prior to harvest
  • Good post-harvest characteristics
Excellent marketing characteristics
  • Available in a range of berry skin colours – whites, reds, blacks, greens
  • Some very early selections and some very late selections.
  • Available in maturity sequences that extend the current season.
  • The range covers the production season with improved selections.
  • Good shipping and storage characteristics
  • Shatter resistant
Excellent eating quality
  • Seedless
  • Large berries
  • Crisp, crunchy texture
  • Attractive colour
  • Fresh appearance
  • Green stems

The Sheehan Genetics Table Grape Breeding Program

The Sheehan Genetics table grape breeding program commenced in Fresno, California in 1988 under Tim Sheehan.

Tim travelled the world and collected the rights (for breeding purposes) to more than 200 table grape varieties. As a plant breeder working for a production and marketing company, Mr Sheehan knew what to select and this collection contained some excellent varieties with a wide range of maturity dates. Crosses of these varieties form the basis of the Sheehan Genetics Collection.

Fifteen years later the result has been the Sheehan Genetics Collection, with a focus on seedlessness, good eating quality, extending the season and vine productivity.

Today the Sheehan Genetics Collection is owned internationally and managed by the SNFL Group. SNFL Group’s Australian licensee is Sheehan Genetics Australia Pty Ltd.

Sheehan Genetics Australia would also like to acknowledge the roles of Mr James Rawlins and Mr Russell Williams in the development of the Sheehan Genetics Collection varieties.

Early Sheehan Varieties

Mid Sheehan Varieties

Mid to Late Sheehan Varieties

Late Sheehan Varieties

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